You’re my Muse.

Letter 004: Butterflies

“I saw the mirage of an ultimate dream blossoming into fruition. After years of living life as a mindless caterpillar, I saw what I could become — what we could become together.”

Letter 003: California Dreaming

“I want to stay up all night with you, tangled up in your arms while you run your hands down my body and tell me what made you the man you are. All night I want to lie with you, until the sounds of morning come in through an open window, and we realize the sunlight is peaking through the curtains.”

Letter 002: Teeth

“It seems ironic that these wise teeth came in around the same time as my spiritual awakening. Hopefully I don’t lose my supernatural powers along with them. Kidding (maybe).”

Letter 001: My First Letter to You

“Your eyes looked up — they were dark and stormy — almost black, and they softened immediately when they beheld me. You looked at me like I was an angel on Earth — a rare and unobtainable creature — and there was a tinge of sadness too. It was the sadness of goodbye. No one’s looked at me like that in a long time, and it’s not the kind of look you can fake.”

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